iBilib December 2, 2018

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iBilib pinoy tv video informative show broadcast by GMA Network. Hosted by Chris Tiu and Moymoy Palaboy, it premiered on January 29, 2012. The show features scientific experiments and explores different scientific facts and theories surrounding everyday events presented in magical manner as seen on Japan's popular science show Wonders of Horus. The second season of the show is now called "Is It Possible" featuring things & experiments that are impossible to do. The third season of the show is now called "Curious" featuring the discoveries in the field of Sciences.

The program will unravel many bizarre and interesting trivia in the world of science. The four hosts are also set to perform and participate in actual experiments on the show - with no camera tricks involves, making way for more enjoyable and fun learning experience. But the learning doesn't stop as the show will also encourage the viewers to try the experiment at home as the step-by-step instruction following each episode will also be posted in the show's webpage. It has also segments with Moymoy Palaboy and their challenges. All female hosts displayed cosplays, like Heart Evangelistawearing Lucy Heartfillia, Miku Hatsune and others.

MAIN HOST: Chris TiuMoymoy Palaboy


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